Sublime Learning: Learning for Wisdom

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In this article, Vladimir Dimitrov showa the Sublime Learning can be seen as learning to sublimate knowledge into wisdom.

Sublime Learning is learning to live in harmony with the dynamics of The Universal – the energies and forces, whose ceaseless interplay sustains the continuum and integrity of the existential wholeness. Every human being is an embodiment of these energies and forces; they manifest their limitless potentials through each of us. While endowed with ability to be conscious about ourselves, we can be aware of them working inside us and supporting our physical activities, as well as the emergence and interaction of our emotions and feelings, thoughts and ideas, spiritual beliefs, dreams and aspirations. Once aware of them, we are able to learn how to harness and ride their inexhaustible power so as to use it for the growth of our consciousness.

The dimensions of human life reflect and express the dimensions of existence. As far as the existence is timeless: it has always been, is, and will always be, human life must also have timeless dimensions – dimensions that do not perish at the physical end of one’s life; we refer to them as aionic dimensions (from the Greek word aionios meaning “eternal”).

For the great thinkers in Ancient Greece, like Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato, as well as for many other thinkers who lived at different places in the ancient world, it was clear: if one cannot reveal anything in life that is beyond death, such life seems futile. All the lifelong efforts, which one earnestly applies to learn and grow in intelligence seem completely senseless, if death is empowered to destroy instantly and forever the fruits of these efforts. Nature has endowed the human beings with self-consciousness – a sublime capacity to be aware of the unfolding of their lives, to be able to explore the dynamics – the energies, forces, changes and transformations, which drives this unfolding, to recognize, control and apply the gigantic self-sustaining power of these dynamics; it is hard to believe that such a unique capacity, created through millions of year of evolution, can annihilate with the disintegration of the material composition of the body. 

Sublime Learning can be seen as learning to transform knowledge into wisdom. We acquire and generate knowledge through our minds, but minds are not enough to lead us on the way to wisdom. Mind can be easily trapped in dogmas and prejudices, distracted by transient desires, entrained into realization of selfish goals, manipulated and brainwashed by those who possess economic and political power in society. It is the human mind that is embodied in today’s advanced technologies for mass destruction, for killing one another in never-ending wars and bloodsheds. The capacity of mind to rationalize, however developed it might appear, cannot help us deal with the ecological and social crises of our days – crises, which according to some researchers, irreversibly point towards self-destruction of humanity.  

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