Discovering Fuzziology

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Fuzziology is a new branch of human inquiry, which explores the sources and dynamics of fuzziness – uncertainty, vagueness, indeterminacy – inherent in our existence, in what we experience, in what we learn and know through our lives.

What we experience, learn and know can be considered as a mapping of the all-pervading non-fuzzy matter of the universe onto ‘transcendental’ space of human ideas.

We – the human beings – are the mainsource of the fuzziness (uncertainty, vagueness, ambiguity, indeterminacy, unclearness, indistinctness, obscurity) that permeates our experience and being, our understanding and knowing, our ‘languaging’ and acting.

It has never been and it will never be a fuzziness located outside of the human nature – in a world separated from us. Such a separated-from-us world simply does not exist; the world and we are forever connected through the umbilical cord of the all-pervading common dynamics – energies, forces, substances and forms. They have created us in the process of their interactions. They support our existence and vitally affect our lives, but we also contribute in the ways they manifest through our evolving nature.

The fuzziness is not in a steady state, it moves – expands and shrinks, bifurcates or ‘explodes’ into many streams. The broader and deeper the human inquiry, the more saturated with overlapping or interwoven streams of ever-moving and changing fuzzy ideas and stories, hypotheses and theories, emotions and feelings, beliefs and expectations, aspirations and dreams.

The larger the ‘vorticity’ of the fuzziness of our experience and knowledge, that is, the richer and impregnated-with-dynamics their fields, the greater the chance of epiphany – a sudden intuitive sparkle in our thinking, a spontaneous perception of the essential nature of reality, an illuminating discovery of truth.

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